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4 februari, 2008

Academic Library 2.0 Concept Model Basic v2

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Academic Library 2.0 Concept Model Basic v2

Originally uploaded by habibmi

How web 2.0 works…

On a (Swedish language) blog I found a similar picture to this one taken by the same person. That led to Flickr and this illustration and the trail went from Flickr to another blog and then to the Master’s thesis from which this chart is taken! I think this story illustrates nicely the serendipity of web 2.0 but also how it gives many ways to find a given piece of information.

Another example is that this picture and text is being sent to my blog from Flickr, simply and directly.

The picture shows some of the social and academic functions of student life and suggests that the library is at one of the intersections of these two worlds. Web 2.0 is also present in both ”places” and at the intersection.


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